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Tools & accessories

Sets for professional drivers and workshops

Universal, accessible and easy to use tools and accessories increase the feeling of comfort and work during unexpected mechanical repairs. Labour saving wrenches, air duster guns, tool kits and accessories for tachographs. TEKSON is a necessary set for every professional drivers. In addition, TEKSON's products can also be successfully used in car workshops, car detailing studios, vulcanizations and home garages.

Our offer includes tools and accessories:

for tachographs

Tachograph charts, digital tachograph paper rolls, cleaning cards for digital tachographs, digital tachograph battery, speedometrers, 3D Tacho.

for trucks

Air duster guns & hoses: dedicated and universal air duster guns, pneumatic air hoses, tyre hoses, tyre inflator guns with gauge.

Spanners, torque wrenches and sockets to them.

Others: truck cabin floor mats, quick connectors, fuel cap locks and container door locks, plastic wheel chocks, truck stoves, vacuum cleaners, O-rings.

for workshops

Car creeper boards, wrist magnetic holders.

Tools & accessories for tachographs

TEKSON Offers the highest quality universal thermal paper for digital tachographs and charts for analog tachographs, with high resistance to external factors. They are suitable for all tachographs. Street dust, dirty driver card, nicotine and air conditioning can cause problems with the operation of the tachograph and its incorrect reading. The TEKSON cleaning cards can be used to clean the chips in digital tachographs of all brands, thanks to which you will take care of the equipment and avoid potential fines. The TEKSON battery will power your tachograph with its long-lasting power and the TEKSON speedometer will allow it to read your speed by gauging how quickly the wheels are spinning. If you need advanced solutions, the 3D Tacho device will help you download data from driver cards and digital tachographs, in a quick and easy way.

Tools & accessories for trucks

Spanners & torque wrenches for trucks

Torque wrenches are available in two variants - with a long and short handle and are made of carbon steel making them resistant to mechanical damage. Double bearing is a another key advantage which affecting their productivity and long term durability.

The offer is complemented by TEKSON spanners and sockets.

Air duster guns & hoses for trucks

In TEKSON's offer you can find dedicated and universal high quality air duster gun for cleaning driver's cab. Using them provide easy way to blow out dust from hard to reach driver's cab areas. Each of them can have connector dedicated for DAF, MERCEDES-BENZ, RENAULT, IVECO, SCANIA (depending on version, each set includes 1 connector for one particular vehicle model) or T-shaped connector compatible with various truck models. Moreover we can propose you a different kinds of pneumatic air hoses, tyre hoses and any others stuff.

Other useful TEKSON's things for trucks

We still continue to work on expanding the TEKSON range of services for drivers. The result is the introduction of many useful accessories such as truck cabin floor mats, quick connectors, fuel cap locks and container door locks, plastic wheel chocks, truck stoves, vacuum cleaner and O-rings. Every driver can find something for himself and comprehensively equip his vehicle.

Tools & accessories for workshops

TEKSON created two type car creeper boards. The first one is foldable car creeper board for garages, workshops and for private use as well. Ensure comfortable work under a vehicle and near it, because allows easily folded into a convenient workshop stool seat. The second one is rolling car creeper crawler board, especially recommended for professional use. It has ergonomic, contoured shape that allows to maintain the spine in good condition.

Thanks to the wrist magnetic holder you will not lose any nails or screws. A convenient device attract and collect all small, metal parts. Sturdy, nylon strap fits comfortably on any size wrist.

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