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Cargo securing


High security of cargo is a top priority for drivers and senders & recipients commissioned transport. Cargo lashing, corner protector, cargo bar, anti-slip pad minimize the risk of goods damage in transit which protects against financial loss. Moreover not only ensure the security of transported goods but also the safety of all road users.

We are a leader in the production of cargo securing. Moreover TEKSON products meet the high quality of European standards, TÜV SÜD and DEKRA.


Our offer includes:

  • Lashing straps
  • Components of lashing straps
  • Corner protectors
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Cargo nets
  • Webbing slings
  • Cargo planks
  • Cargo bars

Ratchet & lashing straps, webbing slings

Designed to hold loads in place on trucks, trailers and other freight carriers.
Heavy duty ratchet straps work effectively by ratcheting down tightly over a load and secure your cargo during transport, storage or against winds. You can cinch up your cargo and keep it locked down tight with this ratchet tie down system easily. Pro-long and compact TEKSON line. 100% high quality polyester straps and high strength steel material.

Breaking strength scope: 1t to 5t
Length available: 3m to 12m
Width available: 25mm to 50mm


Corner protectors, cargo nets, anti-slip pads

Anti-slip pad and corner protector are made from materials that have a high mechanical strength over a wide temperature range. In addition to caring for the environment non-slip pads are made of recycled material.

We produce steel, steel-rubber and plastic edge protectors using in any kind of transport. You can choose from many sizes and degrees of hardness.

The cargo securing nets are made of durable, flexible polyester. They have reinforced edges and an elastic cord for easy attachment.

Cargo planks & cargo bars

The cargo planks are equipped with two anti-slip locks and to secure the load horizontally. The cargo bars with a rubber foot and the possibility of adjustment can be used both vertically and horizontally. By separating the loading area, the load will be immobilized, which will increase the safety of the goods during transport.

All TEKSON cargo planks and bars have been tasted by DEKRA.


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