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3D Tacho

Digital data downloader

The 3D Tacho device is designed to download data from driver cards and digital tachographs, including new cards and smart tachographs. The TEKSON 3D Tacho device ensures compliance with statutory requirements for downloading and archiving data and can be used by transport companies and any authorities such as control authorities, road border guards, customs chambers, German BAG.

Learn more about update 3D Tacho device to support smart tachographs V2.

3D Tacho's features

  • Compatible with digital and SMART tachographs,
  • 8gb of internal memory (up to 160,000 readings from a driver card or up to 20,000 readings from a digital tachograph),
  • a built-in card reader,
  • option to configure three data downloading modes powered by batteries AA 1,5V (included),
  • damage resistant casing,
  • option to download "special" data from a tachograph,
  • data download progress notification visible on device casing,
  • high speed data downloading,
  • powered by batteries, from a tachograph or USB port.

The set includes

  • 3D Tacho,
  • 2 x AA 1.5V batteries,
  • USB cable for computer connection,
  • cable for tachograph connection,
  • black, silicone cover protecting,
  • abbreviated instructions.

In addition, in the memory of the device you will find:

  • instructions,
  • configuration software.


phone: +48 / 508 682 060

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